AFFKT, Afrilounge, Pedro Aguiar, Gary Beck, Am$trad Billionaire, Bloody Mary, Rene Breithbarth, Vlad Caia, Jairo Catelo, Chicken Lips, Compuphonic, Concrete Jungle, Ryan Crosson, Dano, Danza Macabra, Will Dawson, The Deadstock 33’s, 3LIAS & Nesta, Extrawelt, Feygin, Freska, Simon Garcia, Gregorythme, Hatikvah, Hipp-e, HMC, House Of Black Lanterns, Id!r, Jet Project, Juan Iborra, Edu Imbernon, jozif, Kellerkind, Kiki, Klartraum, Daniel Kyo, Liapin, Nadja Lind, Lonya & Mariano Mellino, Nhar, Of Norway, Filippo Mancinelli & Allen May, Frisvold & Lindbaek, Marcos In Dub, Masomenos, Master H, Mirror Music, Alex Niggemann, Nils Noa, Antonio Olivieri, Overtone, Patlac, Tim Paris, Beat Pharmacy, Marc Poppcke, Prompt, Remain, Luc Ringeisen, Justin Robertson, Terje Saether, Sasse, Oliver Schories, Sebo & Madmotormiquel, Scan Mode, Sei A, John Selway, Skinnerbox, Sigward, The Spirals, Spirit Catcher, Silicone Soul, Simon Stokes, Soukie & Windish, Los Suruba, Timid Boy, Craig Torrance & Philip Hochstrate, Nivek Tsoy, Uner, Dimitri Veimar, Virginia, Phil Weeks, Boris Werner, Robag Wruhme, Frank De Wulf & Andrés Zacco.



DRD068D Skinnerbox - Living On The Ceiling
DRD067D Nhar - Surface


DRD66D Id!r -  No Dust In Vain (Sigward Remix)
DRDEDITS002 Darkroom Dubs Edits by Skinnerbox (Bela Lugosi's Dead/ Gauge Away)
DRD65D Lonya & Mariano Mellino - The Morning After (3LIAS & Nesta Remix)
DRD064D Skinnerbox - Formant Sex


DRD063D Scan Mode - Panama Jaxx
DRDLTD012 Of Norway - Black Desert Disco Cult (Bloody Mary & House Of Black Lanterns Remixes)
DRD062D Silicone Soul - Help Will Come 
DRDLP001 Pedro Aguiar - Landscapes & Heartbreaks
DRD061D Pedro Aguiar - Land Of The Lost 
DRD060D Jairo Catelo Presents Talking Loud & Clear


DRDLTD010 Dimitri Veimar - Space Glue (Justin Robertson's Deadstock 33s & Remain Remixes) (Coming Soon)
DRD10 Various Artists - Ten Year Weekend (A Decade Of Darkroom Dubs)


DRDLTD009 Skinnerbox - Fertile Invalids
DRDLTD008 Dubspeeka - Time (Silicone Soul Remix)
DRDA002 Various Artists - LucidFlow At The Controls (Darkroom Dubs Mixed by Nadja Lind & Klartraum)
DRDWL001 Am$trad Billionaire - Galaxy 500
DRD059D David Durango - 1961 (Oktay Remix)
DRDA001 Freska - Wrong Songs
DRDLTD007 Sebo & Madmotormiquel - Don't Wanna Go To War
DRDCD006 Various Artists - Darkroom Dubs Vol. 3 (Compiled & Mixed by Silicone Soul)


DRDLTD006 Soukie & Windish - Flatmate Ghost (Kellerkind & Andrés Zacco Remixes)
DRD057D Danza Macabra - The Interpretation Of Dreams (Patlac Remix)
DRD056D AFFKT - Jjo (Los Suruba & Marcos In Dub Remixes)
DRD055D Oliver Schories - The Voice E.P. (Solee & APNO Remixes)
DRD054D Of Norway - Blot Ditt Eige Lam (Of Norway, Frisvold & Lindbaek & Nils Noa Remixes)


DRD053D Nadja Lind - Shakes (Rene Breithbarth, Oliver Schories, Klartraum & Hatikvah Remixes)
DRD052D Terje Saether - Scared feat. Malin Pettersen (Gregorythme, Freska & Daniel Kyo, Of Norway, Nadja Lind & Klartraum Remixes)
DRDLTD005 Jairo Catelo Presents The Warehouse E.P. (Phil Weeks Remix)
DRD050 Silicone Soul - Alive From The Opium Den (Kiki Remix)
DRDLTD004 Darkroom Dubs Remixed (Robag Wruhme & John Selway Remixes)
DRD051D Edu Imbernon - Vitange (Uner & Los Suruba Remixes)
DRD049D Freska - Slow Cold Slow
DRDLTD003 Frank De Wulf/ DJ HMC - People In Motion/ Life Support Systems
DRD048D Antonio Olivieri - Memories
DRD047D Various Artists - Darkroom Dubs Presents Winterdeep EP
DRD046D Luc Ringeisen - Antibodies


DRD045D Vlad Caia - On The Dubby Side
DRD044D Alex Niggemann & Marc Poppcke - Sleepless Nights (Silicone Soul Remix)
DRD043D Of Norway - Strings Of Death EP
DRD042D Darkroom Dubs Presents The Sound Of Glasgow Part 2 (Silicone Soul & Simon Stokes)
DRD041D Timid Boy - Bop Bap
DRD040D Jairo Catelo & Feygin - Emmanuel Goldstein EP
DRDLTD002 Extrawelt - Neuland EP
DRDCD005 Various Artists - Darkroom Dubs Vol. 2 (Compiled & Mixed by Silicone Soul)
DRDLTD001 Craig Torrance & Philip Hochstrate - Surgery Successful (Boris Werner Remix)
DRD039D Klartraum - Phantomkatzen EP
DRD038D Jet Project - Remixed 2 (Silicone Soul & Gary Beck Remixes)


DRD037D Filippo Mancinelli & Allen May - The Hills (Haruki Matsuo Remix)
DRD036D Jairo Catelo - Tales Of Smoke & Trumpets EP
DRD035D Compuphonic - Les Environs EP
DRDCD004 Jet Project - Heads In The Clouds
DRD034D Jet Project - Remixe
DRD033D Marc Poppcke & Virginia - See My Eyes (Sei A Remix)
DRD032D Liapin - Mandan (Inc. Afrilounge Remix)
DRD031D Jet Project - Monkey Skulls EP
DRD030D Darkroom Dubs Presents The Sound Of Glasgow Part 1 (Sei A & Gary Beck)
DRD029D Stargard (Alexkid) Sundikat (Master H Remix)


DRD028D Jet ProjectBarrio EP
DRDCD003 Mirror Music The Strange Things I’ll Remember
DRD027D Mirror Music The Strange Things I’ll Remember Remixes Part 2
DRD026D Sei A Dub For EP
DRD025 Mirror Music The Strange Things I’ll Remember Remixes Part 1
DRD024D Kamakura ENV Paillette EP
DRD023D Manta Electrica - Thumper (Jet Project Remix)
DRD022D Jet Project - The Lion's Roar EP
DRD021D Freska - Merrpink
DRD020D Jet Project - Shudder EP
DRD019D Freska - Tuskee
DRD018D The Spirals - Without Control (Limited Edition Remix Sampler)


DRD017 The Spirals - Without Control (Limited Edition Vinyl Sampler)
DRDCD002 The Spirals - Without Control
DRD016 Jet Project - Time Flies
DRD015 Freska - North From South


DRD014 Anthony Collins - Shade EP
DRD013 Martinez - Sunshine Stalker EP


DRD012 M3 Project - A Better Man EP
DRD011 The Spirals - Permission To Fly EP
DRDCD001 Various Artists - Darkroom Dubs Vol. 1 (Compiled & Mixed by Silicone Soul)
DRD010 Astrocats (Silicone Soul) Back 2 Tha Playground (Drama Society Remix)


DRD009 Dano - Czech Da Flute
DRD008 Nupharmic - Precursor EP
DRD007 The Spirals - Space & Time EP
DRD006 Wolf 'n'Flow - Messin' With My Mind (The Electric Press Remixes)
DRD005 The Spirals - Elektra
DRD004 Juan Iborra - House Rallante (Hipp-E & Overtone Remixes)


DRD003 Will Dawson - Under The Water (Chicken Lips Remix)
DRD002 Swimming Pool Sound - Submergible (Silicone Soul Remix)
DRD001 Astrocats (Silicone Soul) - I Need 2 Freak

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