DRD20 Twenty Year Weekend (Two Decades of Darkroom Dubs)
DRD085D Amount - Psycho Disco
DRD084D Undo - Moviment
DRD083D Am$trad Billionaire - Zodiac
DRD082D Alvaro Cabana & Fargo Devianti - Los Flagelantes
DRD081D Undo - Aliens Go Home
DRD080D Günce Aci - Unstable Harmony
DRDDA005 Various Artists - Darkroom Dubs Vol.V (Compiled & Mixed by Silicone Soul)
DRD079D Undo - Acid Summer
DRD078D Middle Sky Boom - Netzach
DRD001R Silicone Soul - Darkroom Dubs #1
DRD077D Amount - Istanbul
DRD076D Alejandro Paz & Local Suicide - Directions (Undo, DJs Pareja & Velex Remixes)
DRD075D Silicone Soul - Right On, Right On (Fango & Matthias Tanzmann Remixes)
DRD074D Am$trad Billionaire - Outer Limits
DRDDA004 Darkroom Dubs Presents From The Vaults Vol.1
DRDTRAXX002 Darkroom Dubs Traxx by Silicone Soul (Theus Mago & Id!r/ Shall Ocin Remixes)
DRD073D Stelios Vassiloudis - Nero 
DRD072D Mariano Mellino - Murk 
DRD071D Nhar - Psallite
DRDDA003 Darkroom Dubs Presents Tales From Underground Vol.1
DRD070D Skinnerbox - Music For Sad & Rainy Open Airs
DRD069D Darkroom Dubs Presents Summer Love
DRDLTD015 Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s - The Music Is Madness
DRDTRAXX001 Darkroom Dubs Traxx by Eduardo De La Calle
DRDLTD013 Dino Lenny - Chained To A Ladder (Silicone Soul Remix)
DRDDA002 Various Artists - Darkroom Dubs Vol.IV (Compiled & Mixed by Silicone Soul)
DRD068D Skinnerbox - Living On The Ceiling
DRD067D Nhar - Surface
DRD066D Id!r - No Dust In Vain (Sigward Remix)
DRDEDITS002 Darkroom Dubs Edits by Skinnerbox (Bela Lugosi's Dead/ Gouge Away)
DRD065D Lonya & Mariano Mellino - The Morning After (3LIAS & Nesta Remix)
DRD064D Skinnerbox - Formant Sex
DRD063D Scan Mode - Panama Jaxx
DRDEDITS001 Darkroom Dubs Edits by Skinnerbox (Theme De Yoyo/ A Love Supreme)
DRDLTD012 Of Norway - Black Desert Disco Cult (Bloody Mary & House Of Black Lanterns Remixes)
DRD062D Silicone Soul - Help Will Come
DRDLP001 Pedro Aguiar - Landscapes & Heartbreaks
DRD061D Pedro Aguiar - Land Of The Lost
DRD060D Jairo Catelo Presents Talking Loud & Clear
DRDLTD011 Skinnerbox - Time & Timbre
DRDLTD010 Dimitri Veimar - Space Glue (Justin Robertson's Deadstock 33s & Remain Remixes)
DRD10 Various Artists - Ten Year Weekend (A Decade Of Darkroom Dubs)
DRDLTD009 Skinnerbox - Fertile Invalids
DRDLTD008 Dubspeeka - Time (Silicone Soul Remix)
DRDWL001 Am$trad Billionaire - Galaxy 500
DRD059D David Durango - 1961 (Oktay Remix)
DRDA001 Freska - Wrong Songs
DRDLTD007 Sebo & Madmotormiquel - Don't Wanna Go To War
DRDDA003 Various Artists - Darkroom Dubs Vol.3 (Compiled & Mixed by Silicone Soul)
DRDLTD006 Soukie & Windish - Flatmate Ghost (Kellerkind & Andrés Zacco Remixes)
DRD057D Danza Macabra - The Interpretation Of Dreams (Patlac Remix)
DRD056D AFFKT - Jjo (Los Suruba & Marcos In Dub Remixes)
DRD055D Oliver Schories - The Voice (Solee & APNO Remixes)
DRD054D Of Norway - Blot Ditt Eige Lam (Of Norway, Frisvold & Lindbaek & Nils Noa Remixes)
DRD053D Nadja Lind - Shakes (Rene Breithbarth, Oliver Schories, Klartraum & Hatikvah Remixes)
DRD052D Terje Saether - Scared feat. Malin Pettersen (Gregorythme, Freska & Daniel Kyo, Of Norway, Nadja Lind & Klartraum Remixes)
DRDLTD005 Jairo Catelo Presents The Warehouse (Phil Weeks Remix)
DRD050 Silicone Soul - Alive From The Opium Den (Kiki Remix)
DRDLTD004 Darkroom Dubs Remixed (Robag Wruhme & John Selway Remixes)
DRD051D Edu Imbernon - Vitange (Uner & Los Suruba Remixes)
DRD049D Freska - Slow Cold Slow
DRDLTD003 Frank De Wulf/ DJ HMC - People In Motion/ Life Support Systems
DRD048D Antonio Olivieri - Memories
DRD047D Various Artists - Darkroom Dubs Presents Winterdeep
DRD046D Luc Ringeisen - Antibodies
DRD045D Vlad Caia - On The Dubby Side
DRD044D Alex Niggemann & Marc Poppcke - Sleepless Nights (Silicone Soul Remix)
DRD043D Of Norway - Strings Of Death
DRD042D Darkroom Dubs Presents The Sound Of Glasgow Part 2 (Silicone Soul & Simon Stokes)
DRD041D Timid Boy - Bop Bap
DRD040D Jairo Catelo & Feygin - Emmanuel Goldstein
DRDLTD002 Extrawelt - Neuland
DRDCD005 Various Artists - Darkroom Dubs Vol.2 (Compiled & Mixed by Silicone Soul)
DRDLTD001 Craig Torrance & Philip Hochstrate - Surgery Successful (Boris Werner Remix)
DRD039D Klartraum - Phantomkatzen
DRD038D Jet Project - Remixed 2 (Silicone Soul & Gary Beck Remixes)
DRD037D Filippo Mancinelli & Allen May - The Hills (Haruki Matsuo Remix)
DRD036D Jairo Catelo - Tales Of Smoke & Trumpets
DRD035D Compuphonic - Les Environs
DRDCD004 Jet Project - Heads In The Clouds
DRD034D Jet Project - Remixes
DRD033D Marc Poppcke & Virginia - See My Eyes (Sei A Remix)
DRD032D Liapin - Mandan (Inc. Afrilounge Remix)
DRD031D Jet Project - Monkey Skulls
DRD030D Darkroom Dubs Presents The Sound Of Glasgow Part 1 (Sei A & Gary Beck)
DRD029D Stargard (Alexkid) - Sundikat (Master H Remix)
DRD028D Jet Project - Barrio
DRDCD003 Mirror Music - The Strange Things I’ll Remember
DRD027D Mirror Music - The Strange Things I’ll Remember Remixes Part 2
DRD026D Sei A - Dub For
DRD025 Mirror Music - The Strange Things I’ll Remember Remixes Part 1
DRD024D Kamakura - ENV Paillette
DRD023D Manta Electrica - Thumper (Jet Project Remix)
DRD022D Jet Project - The Lion's Roar
DRD021D Freska - Merrpink
DRD020D Jet Project - Shudder
DRD019D Freska - Tuskee
DRD018D The Spirals - Without Control (Limited Edition Remix Sampler)
DRD017 The Spirals - Without Control (Limited Edition Vinyl Sampler)
DRDCD002 The Spirals - Without Control
DRD016 Jet Project - Time Flies
DRD015 Freska - North From South
DRD014 Anthony Collins - Shade
DRD013 Martinez - Sunshine Stalker
DRD012 M3 Project - A Better Man
DRD011 The Spirals - Permission To Fly
DRDCD001 Various Artists - Darkroom Dubs Vol.1 (Compiled & Mixed by Silicone Soul)
DRD010 Astrocats (Silicone Soul) - Back 2 Tha Playground (Drama Society Remix)
DRD009 Dano - Czech Da Flute
DRD008 Nupharmic - Precursor
DRD007 The Spirals - Space & Time
DRD006 Wolf ’n' Flow - Messin' With My Mind (The Electric Press Remixes)
DRD005 The Spirals - Elektra
DRD004 Juan Iborra - House Rallante (Hipp-E & Overtone Remixes)
DRD003 Will Dawson - Under The Water (Chicken Lips Remix)
DRD002 Swimming Pool Sound - Submergible (Silicone Soul Remix)
DRD001 Silicone Soul - Darkroom Dubs #1